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The Land Vineyard Adelaide Hills - Marty Edwards

It's often said viticulturists are the unsung heroes of the wine industry and that's just fine with Marty. He's had more than enough heroics to last anyone a lifetime. 

Marty joined the Royal Australian Navy as a teenager and trained for one its highest risk jobs as a member of its elite Clearance Diving force, getting himself into some of the most dangerous places a human being could find themselves. Whilst tending to vineyards high in the picturesque Adelaide Hills could not be further removed from the dangerous depths, they do require the same level of commitment, devotion and attention to detail.

Joining the family business in 2001, Marty manages the estate’s 70 hectares of vineyard with a disciplined philosophy of minimal intervention. This involves the use of sustainable practices with respect for organic principles, thus forming balanced vineyards that are living, breathing habitats for diverse micro flora and fauna.

Winegrowing studies at Charles Sturt University provided the technical background; however the all-important concept of ‘stewardship’ was demonstrated best to Marty first hand in Sancerre, France when he and John visited Alphonse Mellot in 2000. He was indeed the 19th generation of ‘Alphonse’s’ who had farmed the same piece of land for 537yrs! It resonated with Marty that this was not simply a job he was fulfilling, rather a privilege and an opportunity to create an enduring legacy for all of his family to follow. As Alphonse states “it is a profession that nourishes both the soul and the spirit’

In 2003 as the business grew, Marty was fortunate to be allocated the additional role of developing and managing the UK market. Fortunate because this is the most exciting and competitive wine market in the world, ensuring a rapid learning curve of his trade; but more because he met his now wife Katie, at that years’ Australia Day Tasting.

Throughout his tenure, Marty has seen The Lane in all its forms. He was lucky enough to learn his practical knowledge walking the rows alongside his father, a rare occurrence these days. Similarly, he is in the winery every day, working alongside the winemakers to learn and assist in capturing the very essence of the vineyard in each bottle, another opportunity not afforded many grape growers. He could not be more excited about being in the privileged position of helping guide The Lane Vineyard on its upward trajectory and safely into the hands of the next generation of stewardship.

Outside of the vineyard, Marty enjoys keeping fit, teaching his daughter Imogen to swim and fulfilling a long held dream of building his own Shelby Cobra.

He is the Commanding Officer of the Navy Reserve Diving Team in South Australia, is on the Executive committee for the Adelaide Hills Wine Region and undertaking studies with the Australian Institute of Company Directors.