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Where did that year go! October 2015, saw John and Helen formally passed the baton on to brothers and second generation custodians, Marty and Ben. Much has changed and yet so much is the same. In 1992 when Helen and John discovered Ravenswood Lane, hidden away in the Adelaide Hills, they knew they had found more than a priceless view, they felt they were a world away and on the doorstep of a new beginning.

Taking in the view of Mount Lofty Ranges from an old farm gate, Hereford cattle eyed them with curiosity, while a solitary farm shed spoke of times gone by. They looked at each other and nodded, here was the place they had searched for, the place where they would grow grapes, make wine and share with friends and visitors the bounty of their vineyard.

“We wanted to create a truly Australian experience that people could immerse themselves in, one that would expand their world, broaden and deepen the reach of their senses and remind them that beauty exists in the moment.

Our story – to be more of a message about our spot of land and an irrepressible family passion for good food and great wine - would connect visitors with things they couldn’t otherwise know so that when they open a bottle of our wine anywhere in the world, they would be reminded that life is pretty good and worth looking forward to.”

Safe to say Ben and Marty are still on this course and look forward to welcoming you at the estate over the warmer months leading up to vintage. Ben’s current favourite drink? 2015 Beginning Chardonnay and Marty? 2014 Gathering always!

Above image courtesy of SA Life.