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The Land Vineyard Adelaide Hills - HELEN EDWARDS


In contrast to her Father “RG” who served the same company for 47 years, Helen Edwards was an early adopter of three or four careers in a lifetime.

First educated as a Nurse Helen quickly moved to being a Wife and Mother (two roles that she says even today are the most important jobs on earth). Returning to the workforce as a School Health Nurse Helen became the Team Leader of the South Australian Adolescent Health Project.

Her first senior appointment was as Chief Executive Officer of Family Planning SA. When her children were expecting her to follow their development by moving to marriage guidance she was offered the position of Registrar of the Nurses Board of South Australia, a statutory authority responsible for the practice standards of South Australia’s 26,000 Nurses.

During her seven years in this role she was “Mrs. Cash Flow” and the “weather eye” at The Lane Vineyard.

Helen has a Bachelor of Business and Graduate Diploma in Adult Education and Counselling. She has held Board positions on St Peters College Council, Bedford Industries, The South Australian Health Commission, the Australian Press Council and the Guardianship Board of South Australia.

Most recently Helen has been the President of the Adelaide Hills Wine Region Association and Chair of Adelaide Hills Tourism.