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 The Land Vineyard Adelaide Hills - Ben Tolstoshev

BEN TOLSTOSHEV General Manager Global Sales and Marketing / Shareholder

A wine epiphany in two parts…. After proposing to his wife Nirelle in Italy 2001, Ben immersed himself in the kaleidoscope of regions across Italy discovering the subtlety, elegance and complexity of ‘lunch weight’ wine. He then met his parents John and Helen in France, renting a Gité in Beaune, eating and drinking local. More food friendly wines of elegance / structure and generational family winery experiences brought it all together to start his journey. As too his belief being custodians of the land; generating a family lineage within a special site is now his life ambition. France can do this to you. At lunch with the family at Beau Rivage in Condrieu, he discovered the beauty of a sense of place and luxury. Exactly where The Lane’s Vineyard’s winery and dining room sit today. Enter the land of the long lunch.

The second epiphany occurred when Ben was seriously injured falling off a quad bike in the vineyard in 2006. During recovery he read Jancis Robinsons ‘World Atlas of wine’, not a small project! From this time of reflection & rehabilitation he gained perspective of The Lane’s uniqueness in the luxury world of fine wine.

Ben is a graduate of Winemakers Federation of Australia Future Leader’s program, Advanced Wine Assessment Course, and has a Masters of Business from the University of South Australia. A passionate ambassador for Wine Australia, the Adelaide Hills wine region and his family’s estate; Ben travels frequently delivering the authentic, unique and continually evolving message of The Lane Vineyard. Married to Nirelle with twin boys Alexander & Hugo; life is eternally rewarding. Being a shareholder in the family business is a unique opportunity and responsibility – Ben hopes to hand the keys to the next generation with The Lane being recognised as one of Australia’s great estates. Watch this space!